Monday, November 30, 2009

My Home Office Redo.....Part 1 that is supposed to be part 2...don't ask

I wanted to share some pictures of my office I've just redone. This room was featured in Romantic County Magazine in 2007 dream Rooms when it was full of floral fabrics and my Rose Oil Paintings. I repainted the walls white and wanted to keep with a softer palette. It is much more serene and a nice place to work without all the distraction of color.

I did two posts because I had trouble with the pictures. I guess if I posted more often I wouldn't have this problem, haha.

Found this great Old Farm Table from one of my favorite stores BUNGALOW that worked perfect as my deskIts fun adding different elements I'll call Crusty, Rusty Utility & Garden

to Romantic White Linen Slipcovers and ruffled Linen Lampshades

I couldn't part with this Old Medical Cabinet with my Favorite Statue

I managed to throw in a piece of Wonderful Old Ironstone and how I love Old Wire Baskets and Birdcages, which you can find on my website

This is a great Old Iron Planter My friend Sandy gave me

Perfect for a Vase of White Roses

Found this Old Bread Box, slapped on an old Glass Knob and its perfect to hide the ugly stuff.

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Cheryl, your re-do is gorgeous! I have a tall chimney style cabinet in my office area, too. Great to stash things in. LOVE the old stool and glad to see that you kept your medicine cabinet. Is that the one that was in your dining room before?

Lovely, lovely!