Monday, September 29, 2008

Tweeking My First Blog

Or should I say my second.... I was feeling all proud of the first Blog and as I was proof reading it and tweeking it I deleted it somehow. HOW FRUSTRATING!
Anyway it was about time spent figuring how to blog, The Stock Market Plummeting and How I will just bury my head and continue on with my Multi-Tasking since I can't change the world and then I went on to tell you about my day yesterday where I was a Vendor instead of a Buyer at our local Ventura County Flea Market....Ok, I will slow down....Breeeathe........My friends have been trying to get me to sell at Flea Markets for a long time so lets say I finally succumbed. OMG! What a fun day, not only did my sweet husband of 30 years share in the experience, (its way different when your on the other end, selling instead of shopping), I even was able to slip away and find some new treasures for myself. I saw lots of familiar faces and friends and its a great way to do some networking in this crazy business I love. I will be listing some of those new treasures on my Ebay site (fascinatingfinds) in the comming days and will continue to work on this thing you call Blogging. Till then, Cheers