Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jennifer made me do it.....

You will need to get to the bottom to see why....

A sneek peek of my balcony off my upstairs bedroom. Its my only room with a view

A peek into my tiny Master Bath

I love this little cabinet I found found to hold my bath towels

Some of my Vintage Perfume Bottles
Entering my bedroom
What do you do when you have a high shelf surrounding your bedroom....fill it with stuff for your husband to enjoy while he is lying in bed, haha. Nothing like a little distraction, it could be a good thing or a bad thing....TMI right? But you girls out there get it. HaHaIn the Spring and Summer I move my chair and lamp so I can open both French Doors. Its heavenly with the smell of the Jasmine comming through off my patio.

Its a good place to put all your beloved oil paintings when you run out of room in the rest of your house.

And Barbola Baskets
And the Tole Trays you can't part with

When I feel I have nothing to interest all you wonderful interesting bloggers out there Jennifer goes and links me on her newest blog and I feel compelled to have something new posted. So I went through some pictures I had taken around the house recently. Thats all I have to offer, no recipes, no crafty projects, no great stories, just pictures of stuff. But after all thats what we do is surround ourselves with stuff...stuff that makes us happy when we look at it, until we find new stuff which makes us switch up the old stuff....ok I'm rambling, hope I don't bore you with more pictures of stuff! Its feast or famine with me so grab a cup of mojo cause here it goes. Couldn't decide which pics to show you so I added them all.
I always forget to add the story after you post your pics cause it all goes in backwards, anyone know why that is???Crazy.
Oh and by the way I loved seeing you yesterday Jennifer at the Wednesday Ventura Flea Market. The chairs look wonderful around your table...yes girls I got a sneek peek, just wait till you see the pictures.