Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To Cool For School........

This weekend on my hunt for "Fascinatingfinds" I stumbled across this great Bamboo and Wicker Bike. I've never seen one like this, have you? When I spotted it I thought.......this is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Picture this in your garden or in your store for a fabulous display. Its Soooo Tommy Bahama or Ralph Lauren with a little Hawaiiana. Omg and if you cruise around on this cool cruiser you'll be the talk of the town. If anyone has any idea or info on a bicycle like this I hope you'll pass on the info. The man I bought this from bought this used many years ago in Hawaii. By the way you can see more pictures of this on my ebay sight, just click the link.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The BIG BLOGGIN Deal is....

Roses from my Garden and Cute Little Birdie Candleholders (on ebay now)
A shot of my Garden....there will be more to come
You can find these French Tole Sconces on my Ebay

Flea Market Finds
Old Pink Roses Painting

How cute is this Old Primative Oil Painting
of this Little Girl and Red Bird
I don't take the time to Blog!!! Let alone read all of your blogs that I love. Can someone knock me over my head so I can get myself to slow down. Between listing on my Ebay, Keeping my Store stocked where I sell my goods, Keeping up with my Website (which I've been awful at), Chasing every Flea Market I can get to, My gardening, My house, My hubby, I mean honestly how do you gals do it. I don't even have any little ones around anymore. Oh and if I don't have enough on my plate my friend made me get a facebook, I mean come on!~!~!! So I am taking a moment and I will just throw on a few pics that I can pull out of my computer till I really have something important to say.....I'm so out of practice at this my pics went in first instead of last, now I'm afraid to move them cause then you won't be able to click and enlarge them...and you have to click on those gorgeous pink roses.