Monday, December 22, 2008

Whats it like being a Christmas Baby?

Does everyone forget your Birthday because of the hustle bustle of the holiday? Well I haven't forgotten yours my friend......

Dennis and I just want to wish our good friend Debra a Happy _0 th Birthday. Its a big one but I'll never disclose the number. Lets just say she looks like she's celebrating her 30th. You may recognize her, she's beautiful, talented and everything she does, she does to the 10's. Give her a visit and wish her the best. I hope you're out there celebrating (Betz) and having a wonderful time with your family. Maybe we can get together and do a little celebrating ourselves when you get home, You with your Sangria, me with my Margarita. Oh and have a wonderful Christmas also,
I miss ya!
xoxo Cheryl

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Waiting on the storm.....

Just a quick little post to let everyone know I'm still alive.... if anyone cares.
I've been to bogged down to blog. A couple of days ago we had a nice little rain and we woke up to the sound of water running through the creek that runs through my yard. Theres nothing like that sound, so serene, and by tomorrow morning it should be a little rushing river as we're expecting a storm tonight. I finally put up the tree and did a little decorating around my home so I'll share a few pics with you and until I blog again.......Goodnight my friends.